Hi this is Lei Jiang with Jiang Real Estate of Howard Hanna at Westlake Ohio. I will bring you a video every month for various information. My team and I specialize in both residential and commercial properties. We are here to help you in every step along the way.

Three things set us apart from the others. First, we are knowledgeable and every experienced. Speaking for myself, I am not only a realtor, but also a real estate attorney with 10 years’ experience. So the knowledge and experience will set us apart.

Second, my team and I also handle commercial and investment properties. We are intimately familiar with valuation, due diligence and other issues. We will bring additional value to you.

Finally, in addition, we reach international customers. We promote ourselves on a number of international real estate markets. We also collaborate with many foreign real estate agents. This is especially important when you plan to sell your home. Everything else being equal, we will provide you with better exposure, more buyers, higher price and quicker closing. Most foreign buyers pay more and pay cash.

So contact us. We are here to help.