Video 2-Why do you need a listing agent?

Hello, this is Lei Jiang, a real estate agent in Ohio. I am also a licensed real estate attorney with 10 year experience. During my conversations with real estate sellers, sometimes they ask me why they need an agent to sell their homes. Can they do it themselves?

My answer is “yes, you can,” especially in a situation if selling the home is not a top priority. You just need to prepare yourself mentally and physically because you will have to put into a lot of time and efforts; it may take longer, and may get you less money in the pocket, and may cause stress in some situations.

But if selling your home is a top priority, or you have time constraint, then hiring a real estate agent is a better choice. This kind agent is called listing agent. The agent will help you to sell quickly and get more money for your pocket. There are at least 3 major advantages,

  1. 1st, an agent will get your property more exposure. According to statistics, more than 80% of the home buyers work with a real estate agent. So if you don’t hire an agent, you could lose a big part of this buying population.
  2. 2nd an agent will help you with the most tasks in this process, e.g. handle open house, handle offers & counteroffers, negotiate other terms, handle inspection, appraisal and closing. More importantly, the agent can help you to avoid costly dispute or lawsuit.  
  3. 3rd an agent will help you pricing your home right. As a seller, you may not know why some homes sell quickly while others do not. This may be because you do not know the interiors of your neighborhood homes. But agent will know and will provide you with valuable strategies.

There are other advantages. For example, if you hire us, we provide professional virtual tours to distant buyers. So you can reach out of state buyers or even international buyers. We also make top-quality marketing materials and promote your home through many marketing channels such as weekly broke meetings, social media, websites, digital campaign, etc. In addition, we provide you with timely feedbacks from the buyer so you know how to adjust the approach.

If you have related questions, please contact us. Thank you.